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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Cable High Speed Service?

  • It is a method to connect your computer or network to the internet using the coax cable that was initially designed to carry television, but has been upgraded to allow a variety of data services as well.

2. What are the benefits of the service to me?

  • Downloads are much faster than dial-up.
  • Your computer or network is always connected with no wait for dial up access.
  • Does not interfere with being able to make phone calls or watching TV.

3. What do I need to install the High Speed Cable Service?

  • You must already have Rogers cable installed to your location or be able to have Rogers cable service installed.
  • A compatible cable internet modem, we recommend a DOCSIS 3.1 type. If you have or purchase a modem other than through IGS KW we MUST have the modem manufacturer, model, hardware address (mac address), and serial number at the time the order is placed. Not all DOCSIS 3.1 modems are compatible with the Rogers network. See FAQ #16 below.
  • Many clients purchase a wireless router in order to share the connection among multiple computers and wireless devices, this is entirely the client responsibility.
  • We can not guarantee that the service will be compatible with all system configurations.

4. What does the service include?

  • High speed dedicated access
  • Optional 1 e-mail address with client controlled anti-virus and anti-spam filtering

5. What are the costs of the service?

  • See the service details page for pricing.
  • The first full and last month's payments are due in advance as well as a pro-rated charge in the activation month to bring billing to a calendar month boundary, failure to pay an invoice by the due date may result in account suspension with NO refund.
  • A written notice of termination is required from the client from either the billing e-mail address or by letter mail, verbal cancellations will NOT be accepted, there are no long term contract cancellation fees.
  • A new installation charge will apply if you move or re-activate a suspended service.
  • There will be absolutely no refunds on service fees for any reason starting two weeks after installation.

6. Will there be any charges on my Rogers Cable bill?

  • No, all charges are done via IGS KW.

7. How long does it take to have the service activated?

  • An average time is 8 to 10 days from when IGS KW receives a properly completed and signed application. There can be extra delays if more than an average of work is required to bring cable service to your location.

8. What if Rogers quoted me a higher than normal installation cost?

  • IGS KW only offers service where the normal installation fees apply, if for some reason the costs would be higher, we will not complete the order.

9. I have pre-paid my dial-up for a year. What happens to the money that I have already paid?

  • At the date of activation of the service, your existing account balance for unused service on your dial-up account will be calculated and applied to the balance due for the High Speed service.

10. Do I have to change my dial-up login or e-mail accounts?

  • Your e-mail address that you have today with IGS KW remains the same with the new service.

11. I run a small business. Is this service available to me?

  • Yes, we make no distinction between business and residential use on the cable high speed internet service. The service is available ONLY to a residential address or a business address that already has cable run to the business. We can not offer cable service to a business location that does not already have the cable installed at the business.

12. Can I network more than one computer on one account?

  • Yes, more than one computer can be configured to access the internet. Additional hardware will be required to do this. This additional hardware is not provided with the installation of the service and is the responsibility of the owner to obtain, configure, and support their equipment for the service. Bandwidth is shared among all devices connected to the service.

13. Can I have a static IP address?

  • No, the technology available via IGS KW on the cable service does not allow for this. We would suggest using dynamic dns as an alternative, most modern routers have built-in support for this service. It is up to the client to determine the acceptability of this alternative as well as the implementation.

14. Does the installation fee apply if I currently have Rogers service?

  • There is a good chance there would be a reduced installation fee if your service is currently active with Rogers or another ISP using the Rogers network. If you currently own a cable modem, AND it is on the "Approved Modem" list noted in FAQ #16, you may use it with IGS. If you have a currently working modem on the Rogers network that is not listed in FAQ #16, Rogers will NOT allow you to use it through IGS, this is not an IGS restriction. In order to use your existing modem we MUST have the modem manufacturer, model, hardware address (mac address), and serial number at the time the order is placed, there is a form on the signup page for this. Not all DOCSIS 3.0 modems are approved for resellers on the Rogers network. See FAQ #16 below.

15. How much notice is needed to switch from another cable internet provider?

  • We need at least 10 days advance notice prior to your service ending with either Rogers or another ISP using the Rogers network. IGS KW can NOT get you out of any contract or cancellation fees with your current provider, the client is 100% responsible for any such cancellation costs. Failure to provide the required notice, will likely result in service interruption and full installation fees to re-activate service.

16. Do I have to purchase a cable modem from IGS KW?

  • No, you may obtain you own modem, however, you MUST use an approved modem. The most current Approved Modem list we have for new modems is as follows, IGS must receive your detailed modem information before we can place the order with Rogers. (there is a form available in the sign-up area)
    If you are doing a transfer of a currently existing service on the Rogers network, either directly with Rogers or through a reseller, please contact IGS KW with your current modem make and model so we can check if you would be allowed to keep using it and not have to purchase a new modem.
    Manufacturer Model
    Technicolor TC4400
    The above are the ONLY modems approved for new service at this time.

17. How do I order the high speed cable service?

  • Fill in an application form and return it to our office by e-mail, mail, or in person between 1pm to 6pm Mon-Fri.

18. How long after the installation technician leaves before the service if activated.

  • Service should be activated the day of service start, normally within a a few hours of the technician completing the work, but may not occur until very late on the activation date. Sometimes turning your modem off for at least a minute and then back on can speed up the process.


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