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Welcome to the World Wide Web and the endless possibilities contained herein. For small to medium to very large companies hoping to take advantage of the ever-increasing traffic and profit on the Internet, there are a few things to consider.

At Information Gateway Services we have made the process of setting up a commercial account much easier. We have been doing this since August of 1995 in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph area and we have hundreds of commercial accounts doing business on our system every day.

To clarify a few points of business, there are three things to consider when getting a commercial account. 1) Applying for a Domain Name 2) Getting a Web Hosting Service 3) Getting a Connection Account

1) When applying for a Domain Name, the first thing to consider is the type of suffix you are looking for.

Domains ending in ".com" are the most popular and have very few, if any regulations. ".org" are for non-profit organizations and ".net" are for companies supplying or providing network solutions. Domains that end in ".ca" (including have some requirements for allowing the name to be registered.

2) Getting a Web Hosting Service is the second step in setting up a commercial account. The Web Hosting Service allows anyone in the world to type your domain name on their computer and have the name resolve to your website. Other things to consider when choosing a web hosting service are things like e-mail service and how many separate and distinct mailboxes you will need for your company’s purposes. With a standard web account IGS supplies one e-mail account that allows all mail to your domain to be funneled into one simple mailbox to be picked up whenever you see fit and distributed by yourself on your end.

3) The High Speed Connection Account is the means by which you connect to the Internet. It is the most simple and yet most necessary piece of the puzzle. There are legacy DSL Connections (slowest of the high speed options), FTTN Connections, and possiblly Cable Connections.

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