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1. What is DSL?

    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is high-speed Internet access that utilizes existing copper telephone lines that are in place in your home. DSL can offer speeds up to 100 times faster than a 56Kbps dial-up modem. DSL is based on a digital signal which can squeeze much more capacity out of a copper phone line than an analog modem can. Your current phone line uses less than 1% of the line capacity for a voice call.

2. What are the benefits of the service to me ?

  • Downloads are much faster than dial-up.
  • You can choose to always be connected with no wait for dial up access.
  • No second phone line is required. You can make voice calls or send and receive faxes while connected to the Internet.
  • Consistent speed regardless of how many people are on line.

3. What do I need to install the High Speed Service?

  • An existing Bell telephone line (no installation charges on an existing Bell line).
  • A compatible external DSL modem.
  • Many clients purchase a wireless router in order to share the connection among multiple computers and wireless devices, this is entirely the client responsibility.
  • We can not guarantee that the service will be compatible with all system configurations

4. What does the service include?

  • High speed dedicated access
  • 5 MB of personal or small business web space
  • 1 email address

5. What are the costs of the service?

    See the pages with Residential and Business Pricing.

    The first full and last month's payments are due in advance as well as a pro-rated charge in the activation month to bring billing to a calendar month boundry, failure to pay an invoice by the due date may result in account suspension with NO refund.

    A written notice of termination is required from the client from either the billing e-mail address or by letter mail, verbal cancellations will NOT be accepted, there are no long term contract cancellation fees.

    A reactivation charge may apply if you move or change the number on which the service is activated. There are always installation charges for dry loop service if new or part of a move.

    There will be absolutely no refunds on the service for any reason two weeks after installation.

6. Will there be any charges on my Bell telephone bill?

    No, there will not be any charges for this service on your Bell phone bill. You may see an indication that this service is activated on the phone number.

7. Is this service available in all areas?

    At this time availability is limited to areas where Bell Canada central offices are equipped to provide the services to us. IGS can provide service in all areas where Bell has equipment available.

8. Do I need a second phone line?


9. Are all Bell Smart Touch features and current answering machine services affected by this service?

    There is no effect on current services that you use.

10. Can I send and receive faxes with the High Speed service?

    No. The DSL modems are not equipped as a fax modems. You must continue to use existing dial-up faxing or fax machine for this purpose.

11. How long does it take to have the service activated?

    It will take on average 7-8 days from the date an order is submitted is signed and paid. Dry Loop service may take 1 or 2 days longer.

12. I have pre-paid my account for a year. What happens to the money that I have already paid?

    At the date of activation of the service, your existing account balance for unused service on your dial-up account will be calculated and applied to the balance due for the High Speed service.

13. Do I have to change my dial-up login or e-mail accounts?

    Your e-mail address that you have today with IGS KW remains the same with the new service, a new login for the high speed connection may be required.

14. I run a small business. Is this service available to me?

    Yes. However your classification by Bell on whether you have a residential or a business line will affect the cost of this new service to you. If Bell deems your home phone to be a business line you will have to apply for a Business account. If Bell is charging you for a residential line you will only need apply for the Residential account.

15. Can I network more than one computer on one account?

    Yes, more than one computer can be configured to access the same line. Additional hardware or software may be required to do this. This additional hardware or software is not provided with the installation of the service and is the responsibility of the owner to obtain and configure their equipment for the service. Throughput speeds may be affected with more than one computer on the service.

16. Can I have a static IP address?


17. Will other DSL style modems work with the High Speed Service?

    Yes, check the availability of Alcatel service, this is new standard for DSL.

18. Will high speed service work with a Macintosh computer ?

    Yes, Macintosh computers need to use an external modem and must have an ethernet interface dedicated to communicate with the external modem. Version 7.6 or later is required of the operating system.

19. How do I order the high speed service ?

    Fill in an application form and return it to our office by e-mail, mail, or in person between 1pm - 6pm Mon - Fri.


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