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We sell both ADSL2+ modems at $49 for use on services with upload speeds of 1Mbps and VDSL2 modems for $119 for use on services with upload speeds of 7Mbps and 10Mbps.


If you are unfamiliar with what FTTN is, have a look at our FAQ page.

The downside to FTTN is that it is not widely deployed yet and only available in limited areas, always check availability prior to placing an order.

ALL IGS KW High Speed FTTN accounts include NO LIMIT downloads, we do NOT charge extra based on how much you use the service.

IGS has offered High Speed Internet Service to both residential and business customers for over a decade now. Starting in 2014 we expanded our high speed offerings to include Fibre-To-The-Node (FTTN). Consult the FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions regarding the logistics of the service and what is required on your end.

You can download the forms in either Pdf or Word format.

NOTE: Under NO circumstances may an IGS service be used or associated with the transmission of unsolicited bulk e-mail. Such use will be considered gross abuse and will result in all services being terminated without refund. IGS retains the right to set the definition of unsolicited bulk e-mail in all cases.


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