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Integrating Handheld E-Mail Devices


The following tips will help you integrate your IGS e-mail services with a handheld device such as a BlackBerry (ones that come with an e-mail address).

  1. *** Do NOT put your IGS username/password and IGS pop3 server name into the setup for handheld device. ***
  2. Setup your handheld service and make note of your handheld e-mail address (example:
  3. *** Do NOT put your IGS username/password and IGS pop3 server name into the setup for handheld device. *** (yes, we repeated this line, it is that important)
  4. Use the handheld device configuration web pages to set the e-mail address you would like people to see when you send a message from your handheld device, there is no need for people to see your actual handheld e-mail address. (example: or
  5. Use your web browser to log into the IGS KW E-Mail Control system with your IGS E-Mail username/password.
  6. Click on the "Forward" menu.
  7. Enter your actual handheld e-mail address into one of the "Additional E-mail Address" Destination boxes and select "Post-Filtered" (example:
  8. Click on the "Configure Mail Forwarding" button and verify the results are what you expect.
  9. Ensure your e-mail program such as Outlook Express is NOT configured to leave mail on the server under any circumstances (In Outlook Express: Tools-Accounts-Mail-Properites-Advanced, ensure there are NO check marks under the "Delivery" section). Also on this page set the timeout to 3 minutes if you expect large messages (over a MegaByte and/or you run an anti-virus program).

To help reduce problems associated with large messages, ensure your mail program checks for new mail no more than every 5 minutes (In Outlook Express: Tools-Options on the General Tab).

A copy of your e-mail arriving at IGS will now be put in both your IGS pop box for you to pick up using your computer, and a copy will be sent to your handheld device. Using this setup ensures your e-mail is delivered to your handheld device with minimum delay without having to leave a copy on the IGS server. This last point about not leaving a copy on the IGS pop server is very important, it prevents delays which can sometimes be significant. It also prevents conflicts from occuring when more than one program/system tries to access your mailbox at the same time resulting in a "Bad Password" error. If you do not following this you will likely have mailbox full problems as well.
Here is a link to information about what happens if you setup a incorrect username/password that could be important.


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