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Settings for Configuring Your E-Mail Program

Incoming Mail Server Configuration
POP Mail Server :
POP Port : 110
POP Encryption : none
POP Username : (your IGS assigned pop3 username, see note 4 below)
POP Password : (your IGS assigned pop3 password)
Outgoing Mail Server Configuration
SMTP Mail Server :
SMTP Port : 587 (465 is an alternate)
SMTP Authentication : plain password (username/password same as for incoming server settings)
SMTP Encryption : AUTO, STARTTLS, TLS, SSL3, SSL (choose in that order if a choice is available)


IMPORTANT Notes on E-Mail Configuration
  1. Ensure to configure your e-mail program to NOT leave mail on the POP server, failure to do so will result in your POP box filling up preventing the sending of e-mail and the arrival of new mail. If you require e-mail access from multiple devices, see:
  2. Do not attempt to check mail more often then every 3 minutes.
  3. The IGS KW Webmail system is for checking what is in your pop3 mailbox on the IGS server prior to downloading it to your own computer. Webmail is NOT a permanent solution for using e-mail as it has very limited storage space, you must configure a e-mail client program to download your e-mail.
  4. Please read the following page about incorrect login attempts:
  5. If your e-mail address ends in, your username is the portion to the left of the @ symbol. If your e-mail address hosted at IGS ends in something other than, you will need to check your personal internet information reference for your username, it is NOT your e-mail address.
  6. If you are interested in trying the "Thunderbird" e-mail client, here is some information to get you started.

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