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Settings for Configuring Your E-Mail Program

Incoming Mail Server Configuration
POP Mail Server :
POP Port : 110
POP Encryption : none
POP Username : (your IGS assigned pop3 username, see note 4 below)
POP Password : (your IGS assigned pop3 password)
Outgoing Mail Server Configuration
SMTP Mail Server :
SMTP Port : 587 (465 is an alternate)
SMTP Authentication : plain password (username/password same as for incoming server settings)
SMTP Encryption : AUTO, STARTTLS, TLS, SSL3, SSL (choose in that order if a choice is available)


IMPORTANT Notes on E-Mail Configuration
  1. Ensure to configure your e-mail program to NOT leave mail on the POP server, failure to do so will result in your POP box filling up preventing the sending of e-mail and the arrival of new mail. IGS KW reseverse the right to permanently remove OLD READ mail from our servers that has been dorment for 90 days or more, ensure you download and save your e-mail, it is your responsibility. If you require e-mail access from multiple devices, see:
  2. Do not attempt to check mail more often then every 3 minutes.
  3. The IGS KW Webmail system is for checking what is in your pop3 mailbox on the IGS server prior to downloading it to your own computer. Webmail is NOT a permanent solution for using e-mail as it has very limited storage space, you must configure a e-mail client program to download your e-mail.
  4. Please read the following page about incorrect login attempts:
  5. If your e-mail address ends in, your username is the portion to the left of the @ symbol. If your e-mail address hosted at IGS ends in something other than, you will need to check your personal internet information reference for your username, it is NOT your e-mail address.
  6. If you are interested in trying the "Thunderbird" e-mail client, here is some information to get you started.

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