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Setting Up Thunderbird E-Mail

These are some hints on how to setup the Thunderbird E-Mail client program on your Windows machine.

Download and install Thunderbird from:
  • accept defaults
  • when asked if you want a new email address click on "skip this and use my existing email"
  • enter name, email address, and password, click "continue"
  • while it is busy trying to figure things out itself, just click on "manual configuration"
  • set the three lines to:
    incoming - pop3 - - 110 - None - Normal password
    outgoing - smtp - - 587 - StartTLS - Normal password
    username - (your normal IGS username for both incoming and outgoing)
  • click "done" ... check "I understand" and click "done"
  • click on the menu icon (the three horizontal bars in the right top area), then "Options", then "Account settings"
  • Select "Server Settings" on the left and remove the checkmarks (in this order) in the "Until I delete them", "For at most", and "Leave messages on server" check boxes, click "ok"
  • send a message to yourself to ensure you didn't miss a step, wait a few seconds after it says it was sent and it will show up in your inbox, you may have to click "Get Messages" depending on other options you have set
  • you are done

There are lots of options in this program to tune it to suite your needs.


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