Carl Sommerfeldt
July 13/07

A Metapost program for drawing pictures of symmetric hypercubes of variable dimension and radix is
Its user instructions are in
Examples of pictures that the program can produce include

DimensionRadixPicture File Size/KB
02 hypercube.2.pdf0.86
12 hypercube.12.pdf0.95
22 hypercube.22.pdf1.02
23 hypercube.23.pdf1.25
32 hypercube.32.pdf1.24
42 hypercube.42.pdf1.77
52 hypercube.52.pdf2.90
62 hypercube.62.pdf4.01
72 hypercube.72.pdf9.97
82 hypercube.82.pdf19.4
92 hypercube.92.pdf36.3

a 4-dimensional binary hypercube

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