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Computer Intelligence

My main interest is computer intelligence, which is a better term than artificial intelligence.

The Development of Computer Intelligence

The development of computer intelligence includes existing knowledge and questions that need answers.

The Development of Computer Intelligence

Computer Intelligence for Open Source Software

Computer intelligence can write open source software and eliminate all software patents.

Open Source Software


Robot Technology

This is a list of collectively self-applicable technology that robots need.

Robot Technology


Structure Factor for a Mass Disordered One-Dimensional Harmonic Crystal

Master of Science report, University of Toronto, 22 pages, 1985.
This report incidentally also discusses phonon propagators, dispersion relations, correlation functions, many body techniques, Feynman diagrams, and a generalized Wick's theorem.

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This link contains an open source Metapost program for drawing pictures of symmetric hypercubes of variable dimension and radix and pictures of examples of them in PDF documents.



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