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Photographic information contained in this index is acquired through submissions from interested genealogists. The purpose of the index  is to link family historians with photographs relevant to their family trees. The Hoffman Photo Index will provide a home for photographs depicting identified subjects only, which the owners of such images wish to share with other researchers. 

The status of each photograph can be determined by matching  the number at the end of each entry with the number assigned to each contributor.  One can then determine the appropriate means  of requesting a  photograph.   Contributors' entries beginning with "PI Donor" indicate that the photograph, or copy of the photograph, has been donated to the Photo Index.  Copies of these images, as well as photographs in the  Photo Index collection, may be obtained by contacting the Photo Index

I have attempted to give an approximate date for each photograph.  This can often be estimated by examining fashions of the day.   Glen C. Phillips' books, The Ontario Photographers List (1851-1900); The Ontario Photographers List Volume II (1902-1925) and The Western Canada Photographers List (1860-1925) have proved enormously useful in helping to confirm dates. 

As the number of submissions to the index increase, so will the usefulness of this project.  Please consider forwarding information or photographs to the index.  A submission form can now be filled out and submitted online. (click here for the online form), or submissions can be mailed to 

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Allen, Chatham, Ont. 
American Studio, Newcastle- 
Armstrong, W. J. Woodstock,  
Arnold, G. N, Kingsville, Ont.
Aylett, Charles,  
Baker, W. P., Chatham, Ont. 
Barrett, A., Whitby, Ont. 
Bogardes Photographer, N.Y. 
Bogarts Studio, Yonge St. Toronto. 
Burgess, W.W. Mitchell, Ont. 
Butler, Chatham, Ont. 
Butley, W.S. Springfield, Mass. 
Campbell's, Winnipeg, Man.
Clarke, L. F., Aylmer, Ont. 
Columbia Photo Co. 
Connon, J. R. Elora, Ont. 
Cooper, Frank, London, Ont. 
Cunningham, A.M. & Son, Hamilton, Ont. 
Darragh, Galt, Ont. 
Dingmann, D. Picton, Ont. 
Dixon, Toronto 
Dorion & Delorme, Ottawa, Ont. 
Dorion, J.B, Ottawa, Ont.
Ewing & Co. Toronto, Ont.
Fritz, Frank Z. Lamberville, N.J. 
Green & Co, Berlin, Ont.  
Harness Studio, Hamilton, Ont.  
Hart, A. P. Elmira, N.Y. 
Hays, S. Welland, Ont. 
Henry, Bowmanville, Ont.
Hopkins, J. H., St. Thomas, Ont.
Horning, Isaac, Simcoe, Ont 
Hoyt, J. E., Oshawa, Ont.
Huber, H. A., Berlin, Ont. 
Hunter, Brussels, Ont. 
Imrie, Horace, Detroit, Mich.

Inglis, J. Montreal 
James, Anny W. Mrs. Belleville 
Jones, D. , Liverpool, England 
King, R. F., St. Clair, Mich. 
Leisenring, J. P. , Danville,  . PA 
LeMaitre's Studio, Toronto 
Mann, J. A., London, Ont. 
McIntyre, W. H., Perth, Ont. 
Mission Studio, Vancouver, B.C. 
Moot, W.S. Dunnville, Ont. 
Morgan's Studio, Hamilton 
Morgan, Port Huron, Mich. 
Murray & Son 
Noverre, J. H., Toronto 
Noverre, Toronto 
Park & Co. Brantford 
Perkins, Thos. E. Toronto 
Pony Land Home Portrait Co.  
Pratt, R. A. Mitchell, Ont. 
Roos, Kimball Hall, Chicago 
Scott, Geo. W. Gowanda, N.Y. 
Smith Studio, Sackville N.B.  
Spinks, A. Woodstock, Ont. 
Terwilliger, A.M. Belleville, . 
The Lennox Studio 
Thomlinson, Detroit 
Topley, Ottawa 
Townend, Almonte, Ont. 
Wallis, J.D. Ottawa 
Wallis, Ottawa, Ont. 
Webster, Elora, Ont. 
Weese, Durwood A., Belleville,  
Westlake, A. G. Woodstock,  
Whittaker, James 



SOP: Size of Photo 

C-d-V: Carte de Visite 

DPT: Date photo taken 

PH: Photographer 

WPT: Where photo taken: 

INS: Inscription 

INF: General Information 

GINF: Genealogical information 

REP: Reproduction 

PUR: Where & when purchased


This data is arranged alphabetically by name of subject.  However, most photos are indexed only by the name of one subject.  To find a particular name, place or photographer, use your browser's Find in page function.  In Netscape and Internet Explorer this is found under Edit on the browser's toolbar.  To browse the index alphabetically, click on any of the following to jump to the first entry for that letter: 
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ADAMS: Peter; C-d-V; PH; J. P. Leisenring, Danville, PA. INF: Elderly man.   PUR: Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997.  [101] 
ANSON: John; C-d-V; PH: D. Jones, 66 Bolt Street & 11 Church Street, Liverpool; INS: "Mrs. S. J. Martini's brother John Anson"  PUR: Dalton's Collectables, 361 Merritt Street, St. Catharines, ON. L2P 1P7  [101]
ARMSTRONG, DAVE, with unknown boy. DPT: 1900-1905. INF: David Armstrong of
Kendal, Ontario, dressed for the Orange Walk (12th July) with an unknown
friend. [101].
BARNES:  Amelia (Lalond or Lucas);  SOP: 7.5 x 11.5 cm; INF: Head and shoulder portrait  of a young woman.  REP.   [103]
BARNES: Sarah; SOP: 7.5 x 11.5 cm; DPT: ca. 1870;   GINF: b. ca. 1848 at Simcoe, m. 1: Richard Reynolds, 2: Thomas Thornton of Woodstock Ont.  Ch. John b. 1875, Ann, b. 1877.  Sarah d. 1878 at Stratford, Ont.  REP   [103]
BERGEY: Elma;  SOP: 10 x 14 cm; DPT: ca 1900;  PH: Roos, Kimball Hall, Cor. Wabash Ave., & Jackson Blv., Chicago.    INF: Young woman in nurses uniform.  Photo found in the attic of the home of Gail Groen near New Dundee, Ont.  [101]
BESSEY: Peter James (1824-1901) and his wife, Sarah Sophia, (née McCombs 1832-1923);  SOP:13 x 18 cm; WPT: St. Catharines or Thorold, Ont. INF: Woman wearing fashion ca. 1880, man standing.   Excellent quality studio portrait.  GINF:  "This photo was given to me by my late aunt who told me that this was a photo of my great grandfather and great grandmother."  [101]
BIBBY: E.M.; Small photograph album measuring 10 x 15 x 2.5 cm. containing 60 photographs all measuring 6.5 x 4. cm. They are thought to have been taken in the United Kingdom. Some are dated 1927 and 1928. This collection was found in a vacated house in Winnipeg, Manitoba ca. 1985. Inscription in the album "E.M. Bibby." [101]
BOEHM: Barnett Barr, SOP: 12.5 x 9 cm., PH: Malin and Schwartz, Portland.
Inf: Middle-aged man seated, woman standing, studio portrait. DPT: no
details. [101].
Bolton, Mary Bell, nee Hartsell, see under Mary Bell Hartsell
BOOMER: Mrs. Alfred; SOP: 10 x 16 cm.; DPT: ca. 1888; PH: C. Schneuker & Co., Berlin, Ontario; INF: Middle-aged woman. Very clear head and shoulder image. Donated by Joan Griffin of Kent Co. Branch, OGS; [101]
BRAY, W. A. ; SOP: 8.5 x 12.5 cm oval. DPT: Unknown ; PH: The T. Eaton Co. Limited, Toronto, Ont. Inf: W.A. Bray dressed in suit with large collar shirt and bow tie. Aquired from Grandparents Tredway & Annie Closson of Highland Creek, Ontario (now Toronto). Donor:Marjorie White, P.O. Box 138, Bobcaygeon, Ont, K0M 1A0
BRIGHTON: Arthur; SOP: 6 x 10 cm;   DPT: ca 1898;  PH: Green & Co., Berlin, Ont.; INF: Photo of a boy about 10 years old. Found in the attic of the home of Gail Groen near New Dundee, Ont. [101]
BROCKVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE: Graduation class of 1900; SOP: 20.5 x 25 cm; PH: Murray & Son; INF: 64 individuals only one identified:  Elizabeth née  Carey, (Haggerty) (Healy). [101]
BROWN, James Duncan [1876-1919] and his wife, Annie McPhedron (1877-1938) (Photo #1): PH: Frank Cooper, London, ON; WPT: London, ON; GINF: Note indicates that J.D. Brown was from Ivan, ON; [Photo #2]: PH: Bogarts Studio, Yonge St., Toronto; [Photo #3]: J. D. Brown; [Photo #3] Fred Brown (1909 - ) and Harold Brown (1910-1969) Ch. of J. D. Brown. DPT: ca. 1916; Photos are all 10x14 cm. mounted on 12x14 cm. cardboard. This family may have moved to Manitoba. [118]
BUTLEY:   INS: "W. S. Butley, Photographer,  Springfield, Mass."; INF: Young child in costume.    [103]
CAREY: Eleanor (Nellie) with her young niece Mary CLINE; SOP: 9 x 13 cm; DPT: ca. 1898; PH: J. B. Dorion, 569 Sussex St. Ottawa, Ont; GINF: Eleanor, dau of John Carey and Mary Ann Kelly never married.  Mary, dau. of John Cline and Bridget Carey, is shown holding a doll and parasol. She married Orville Moran.  [101]
CARLETON, Geo. N; C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1875 PH: R. F. King, St. Clair, Mich;  INF: Young man; INS: "Geo N. Carleton, Gayoso, Pemiscot @ Mo." PUR:  St. Jacob's Antique Market. [101]
CHAPMAN: Mrs; C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1885: PH: S. Hays, Welland: INS: In pencil - "Mrs [Christian name illegible] Chapman"  in pen: "Grandma Chapman"  INF: Old woman wearing a house-cap.  PUR: Dalton's Collectables, 361 Merritt St., St. Catharines, ON.  [101] 
CLINE: Teresa; SOP: 6.5 x 10 cm; DPT: ca. 1894;  PH: W.H. McIntyre, Perth, Ont; GINF: b. ca. 1876, dau of Edmund and Catherine, m. Edmond Carey, 5 Oct. 1896, d. 1909, in Ottawa.   [101]
COCHRANE: James; C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1875;  PH: J. Inglis, 101 Great St. James Street, Montreal;  INS "James Cochrane, [&] James Cochrane King; My uncle & great grandfather G. W. P."  INF: photo shows elderly man and young boy; PUR: 1997 Chatwood & Simmons, 56 Walton St. Port Hope. ON [101]
COLLACOTT, Nina Pearl, SOP: 6x13 cm. mounted on 15x25 cm. card. PH: G. N. Arnold, Kingsville, Ont. DPT: ca. 1900. INS: "Nina Pearl (Collacott) Conklin". GINF:(b. 1876, Ontario, daughter of Robert, b. 1848. Lvd. Darlington tp. at the time of the 1891 census. PUR: June 2001 from Canadiana Classics, 25 Hollinger road, Toronto, ON., M4B 3N4, tel: 416-461-5262. They had several photos from Bowmanville, possibly from the same family. [102]
COLLACOTT, Grandpa SOP; 9x13 CM. oval mounted on 17x22 cm. card. PH: G. N. Arnold, Kingsville, Ont. INF: Studio portrait, date uncertain. [102]
COLLACOTT, Ellie Maude Henry. SOP: 11x16 cm. PH: Henry, Bowmanville. DPT: ca 1885. [102]
CONCH: Elze ;  SOP: 11 x 6 cm;  DPT: ca. 1865; PH: LELL J, 208 Ontario St., Cleveland, O;   INS: "For Annie from her Aunt Elz Conch;  INF: This is one of a set of 10 photographs taken by: J.E. Hoyt, Oshawa; J.H. Noverre, Toronto; D. Dingman, Picton; A.M. Terwilliger, Belleville; Mrs. Anny W. James, Belleville;  A. Barrett, Whitby,  All except Elze Conch, are unidentified.  GINF:  "These pictures were all in my great grand-mother's photo album which was given to her by her teacher!  My gr-grandmother was Annie Underhill (1847-1892), dau of James Underhill (1826-1899) and Grace Littlejohns (b. 1826-d.?) She came from Claremont near Courtice in Darlington Tp. near Oshawa.   [108]
CONKLIN, Nina Pearl, see Nine Pearl COLLACOTT [102]
COULTER: Allan Benson family ;  (2 photographs) (1)SOP: 8 x 13 cm;    DPT: ca 1919; INS: "Alan B. Coulter & his uncle Bill Brown. ( mother's only brother)." INF: Both men in military uniform; GINF: Alan b. 29 Aug. 1896, s/o James Lewis Coulter, Town Clerk of Almonte, Ont., and Almyra J. Brown.    (2) James Lewis and Almyra J (née Brown). SOP: 10 x 14 cm;   DPT:  ca. 1890; PH: Townend, Almonte, Ont; INS: "Mr & Mrs. Louis Coulter, Almonte." INF: Photo inherited from their daughter-in-law,  Marie (née Carey) Coulter.  [101]
CRACKNELL: George;   SOP: 9 x 14 cm, postcard format;     DPT: ca 1920; INS: "George Cracknell" INF: Man, about thirty years old in uniform. Cap and collar bear initials "S.C.R." ;  Donor information:   "George Cracknell worked with my father at Speedwell Military Hospital, Guelph, after W.W.I." [101]
CUNNINGHAM, John and Sarah[?].  (No date) PH: Gillespie. WPT Thessalon, Ontario.  SOP: 7x4 oval photograph  mounted on rectangular studio paper.  INF: The girl's name is indistinct but appears to be Sarah.  Contact: Dolores Lowndes,
DALTON: Mr & Mrs; SOP: 9.5 x 14 cm; DPT: ca. 1888;   PH: R. A. Pratt, Mitchell;  INF: Young couple, studio portrait, possibly wedding day; PUR: Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. [101]
DERSLER: Robert Edward; SOP: 4 x 5.5 cm.  Four sample photographs on strip; DPT: 17 Nov. 1909;  PH: The Lenox Studio, 76 W. 125th St. N.Y.;   INS: "Edward Dersler, Nov. 17, 09.   6 months old."  [102]
DODGE:  (A collection of four  photographs of  Dodge or Dumont family members of Oxford County) 1) Adam or Daniel; DPT: ca. 1865; WPT: Oxford County. ON;  INF: Glass plate;  2) Tintype showing middle aged woman.  3)DPT: ca. 1870; INF: man standing, woman seated.  4) DPT ca. 1998; PH: J.W. Armstrong, Woodsock;  Good head and shoulder portrait of woman.   (5) SOP: 10.5 x 16.5 cm; PH: A. G. Westlake, Woodstock, Ont; DPT: ca. 1892; INF: Young woman of the Dodge, Dumont, McDonald or Schell family of Oxford Co. ON.   (6) SOP: 10.5 x 16 cm; DPT: ca. 1875;  PH: A Spinks, Woodstock;  INF: Excellent studio portrait of two women and three children of the Dodge, Dumont or McDonald family - Oxford Co., ON. [110] 
DRAVE[?] Fannie; PH: [A.L.] Hunter, Brussels, Ont;  INS: Surnames illegible:  "Fannie (Drave/Snaver née  Duperon?"  INF:Young woman.  This photograph came with Hunter family photographs. [114]
EADIE: Katherine;  See listing for Katherine (née Eadie) REYNOLDS. [103]
EATON Albert, Family Collection:   (1) Albert, his wife, three daughters and son;  SOP: 14 x 19 cm; DPT: ca. 1924; PH: A.M. Cunningham & Son, Hamilton, Ont.  (2)Three portraits, probably children of Albert Eaton when they were young adults.  One in nurses uniform; All taken at Rounds Studio, Woodstock, Ont, ca. 1925;   (3)A Christening, DPT: ca. 1905; PH: Frank Cooper, London, Ont; (4) Young girl, possibly Mrs. Albert Eaton, DPT 1910; PH: L. F. Clarke, Aylmer, Ont; (5) A bride, probably Edith Eaton; PH: Harness Studio, Hamilton.  (6) Young Man, probably Wm. C. McClymont; PH: Harkness, Hamilton, Ont.  Also includes a certificate "Order of the Eastern Star" to 'Edythe' M. Eaton, 1938". Newsclipping: "Surprise 90th birthday party for Albert Eaton" and letters written by him to his daughter, Mrs Edith McClymont.  (7) Assorted wedding snaps probably of the marriage of Edith Eaton to Wm. C. McClymont. (8) Young boy on pony.  Probably Roy McClymont, son of Edith and Wm. C;  PH: (Pony Land) Home Portrait Co, Toronto.  Many others with unidentifying features. [115] 
EBENEZER YOUNG PEOPLE'S GROUP: SOP: 23 x 18 cm; DPT ca 1888; INF: Group photograph of 36 people.  Possibly "Ebenezer Young Peoples Group."  WPT: Courtice, Darlington Tp. Ontario.  GINF: Edith Short 1869-1962 and her brother Frank Short, 1871-1955 are the only people identified.  Also see listing for Moorefield Young People. [108]
FERGUSSON: George Blair; SOP: 10.5 x 14 cm; DPT: ca. 1880; PH: Thos. E. Perkins, 293 Yonge Street, Toronto.   INS: George Blair Fergusson, Age 1 year; PUR: Chatwood & Simmons, 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. GINF: Born 30 Dec. 1879, son of George I. Ferguson and Margaret Moore. [101]
FLINT:  Tom;  C-d-V;   DPT ca. 1875; PH: W. P. Baker, Chatham, ON.; WPP: St. Jacobs Antique Market. [101]
FOWLER: Henry. C-d-V;  DPT: early 1870's. PUR: 1997 Chatwood & Simmons, 56 Walton Street, Port Hope.  [101]
GANDIER: Joseph, Rev. and sons; SOP: 15cm x 22 cm; Date taken:02 March 1867; PH ?; WPT: Bellville, ON.; INF: "The Saddlebag Preacher in Cardiff, Monmouth and Glamorgan Twps, Haliburton Co., Ontario, between 1847 and 1882." [Middle-age man seated with three sons ranging from about six to fifteen years. Very fine image. Owner of original image: Martha Gandier at]
GOCLERT: Robert Leander and Salz Ann Marz; SOP: 7.5 x 11.5 cm.   DPT: ca 1870;    INF: Studio portrait of woman with child seated on her lap.  [103]
GORDON: Mex?; SOP 7.5 x 12.5 cm;  DPT 1919; PH: Mission Studio, 108 Hastings St. E., Vancouver; INS: "June 3rd 1919. Just before 'I' took 'em off. Mex"  (Written in a different hand: "Abel Gordon, Tacoma."  INF: Postcard  
format showing man in military uniform. [101]  
GRAY, WALTER, MR. AND MRS., of Durham County, Clarke or Manvers Tp. See
also item 4 under Wilbert LUNN. [101].
HAIST: Nellie Miller; SOP: 7x10 cm;  DPT: ca. 1885; INF: young woman. PUR: Ed's Antiques, St. George, Ont, 1997. [101]
HANNUM: Zuruly;  SOP: 3" x 4 1/2"; PH: Bogardes Photographer, 363 Broadway, Cor. Franklin St., N.Y.; INF: Young woman in costume. INS: "Zuruly Hannum, Circassia, Asia, Age 19."     [103]
HARTSELL, Mary Bell; SOP: 9 x 14 cm; DPT: September 1903; PH: A.Spinks 461 453 & 455 Dundas Street Woodstock Ontario; WPT: Woodstock, Ont; INF: The photo is of a baby sitting on a chair. GINF: The photo is of my mother Mary Bell Hartsell Bolton. The photo is mounted on cardboard. On the cardboard is embossed the name "A.Spinks 461 453 & 455 Dundas Street Woodstock Ontario. [119]
HAWTHORNE, SAMUEL and Mrs. with two granddaughters under ten years.
Identity as Hawthornes is not confirmed. PH: M.E. Zurbrigg, Wingham,
Ontario. DPT: ca. 1899. [101]
HAYWOOD: Mrs. J; C-d-V;  DPT: c. 1870;  PH: Ewing & Co., Toronto;  INS: "Mrs J. Haywood, Miss [Lamb]"?;  PUR: Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. [101]
HENDERSON, WILL of Clarke township, Ontario. No date. [101].
HICKEY: Marguerite;  SOP: 9 x 14 cm, postcard format;  INS:  "[To] Miss Lillie Hickey, Cathrage, Perth, Co. Ontario, Can. Merry Xmas and to all Happy New Year from your little cousin, Marguerite Hickey, Stanton Mich."  INF: Girl about 2 years old. PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, ON;  [101] 
HORNBERGER: Johann; Collection of 7 photos of several generations of  Hornbergers with unidentified friends. (1) DPT 1885;  Johann & his wife Philopena (née Schuler),  3 daughters - Philopena, Barbara and Dena,  unmarried son John, and married son George with his wife, Katherin (née Costin) and daughter Maud.  (2) SOP: 20 x 25 cm; DPT: Aug. 1894; PH: J.R. Connon; WPT: Elora Rocks;  INF: Outdoor group photo showing 23 people including Philopena, George and Maud, John, his wife Mary (Schill) & their 4 ch. Frank, Lorne, Clara and John. (3) DPT: 1901; Outdoor group including John, Mary , infant son, Frank with 4 women & 2 men. WPT: Elora Rocks; INF: Very formally dressed, hats and parasols. - nice reflection in water.  (4) Mary Hornberger;  SOP: 8 x 10 cm; DPT: ca. 1902;  aged 2 years.  (5) Mary Hornberger, (née Schill)  DPT: ca. 1880; PH: Thomlinson, 236 Woodward Ave., Detroit; (6) DPT ca. 1897; PH: Webster, Elora; Formal family group - Frank, Lorne, Clara and John; (7) DPT: ca 1900; PH: Geo. Trott, Hensall, Ont; Barbara & George, ch. of John and Mary.  [117] 
HORNING: Isaac?; SOP: 9 x 12.5 cm; DPT: ca. 1870; PH: Isaac Horning, Artist. Talbot Street, Simcoe, C.W.  [103]
HOTTEL, Sarah, see Boehm, Barnett Barr
HOWES: Jennie [or Mary (Simons) née McBean];  SOP: 10 x 15 cm; DPT: ca 1870;   WPT: Dundas, ON? Connecticut, U.S.A.?; GINF: From Scotland with 1st husband  John Simons. Their child, Grace Jane, b. 1866, d. 1939, raised by maternal uncle, John and Mary Wheeler of 8 Hatt St. Dundas, ON.  To New Haven, Connecticut, with Second husband, John Howes.  Photo shows Jennie standing, wearing a splendid dress, and John seated.   [105] 
HUD: Charles; Tin-Type; DPT: ca. 1875;  INS "Adesta Woodruff, Charles Hud"  PUR: Dalton's Collectables, 361 Merritt Street, St. Catharines, ON. L2P 1P7.  [101]
HUGHES: Ernest; SOP: 9 x 14 cm;  DPT ca 1920; INF: Postcard format;  WPT: Cupar, Saskatchewan; INS: "Ernest, Lil (Mrs. Hughes) & Melvin"; GINF: Photo belonged to Edith (Mrs. Deb. Johnson) 1869-1962 of Moorefield, Ont.  Ernest, Johnson's hired man, moved from Moorefield to the west during the first decades of the century and sent this card back to friends in the east.  Baby Melvin is in his mother's arms.  [108]
HUNTER: Collection of 4 photos:  (1) Elizabeth;  PH: [A.L.] Hunter, Brussels, Ont.   INS: "Your Sister Elisabeth Hunter Dec 7 1891"  GINF: Elizabeth may have been a sister of Margaret (McKay/McCoy) Holenbeck, b. in Scotland, September 1838, d. March 13, 1915 in Marlette Tp, Sanilac Co., Michigan. Margaret married ca. 1856 to Barney Hollenbeck (b. 9 Mar 1833).  This family mvd. from Hamilton twp. ca. 1852 and are known to have lived in the Michell area of Perth Co.   They moved to Michigan ca. 1870.  See also Fannie Drave/Snaver[?] née  Duperon[?]  (2) Hunter, Hilton; PH: [A.L.] Hunter, Brussels, Ont; INS: Hilton Hunter Dec. 7, 1891, 10 yr. old." (3) Hunter, James[?];  PH: [A.L.] Hunter, Brussels, Ont; INS: "From (James?) Hunter, Dec. 7 1891"  INF: Elderly man. (4) Hunter, Lorne; PH: [A.L.] Hunter, Brussels, Ont; INS: "Lorne Hunter, Dec. 7, 1891, 20 years old."  [114]
HUTCHISON, J. A.; SOP: 10 x 16 cm.; DPT 27-04-84; PH: Summerhayes & Walford, Montreal; INS: "J. A. Hutchison, Goderich" ; INF: Young man, possibly a graduation photograph; PUR: Alphorn Gifts & Antiques, Shapespeare, ON, 1998. [101]
JOHNSON: D, Mrs;  C-d-V; DPT: c. 1875;  PH: Butler Bros, Chatham, Ont;  INS: "Mrs. D. Johnson"; INF: Woman about 30 years old; PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market [101]  
JOHNSON: David; SOP: 11 x 16.5 cm;  DPT: ca. 1890; PH: Morgan, Pt. Huron, Michigan; GINF: b. ca. 1865, Michigan, son of Henry Johnson, b. ca. 1826 in Ireland, and Catherine Kelly - b. 1837, Ontario.  Family moved from Leeds Co. ON.,  to Wales Township, St. Clair Co., Michigan ca. 1863. [101]
JOHNSON:  Lena G;  SOP: 11 x 16.5 cm; DPT: ca. 1890;  INF: Splendid head and shoulder of young woman.   PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1997.  [101]
JOHNSON: Mrs. L. H;  SOP: 10.5 x 16.5 cm; PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1997.  [101]
JOHNSON:  Lizzie H;  SOP: 10.5 x 16 cm; PH: Butler, Post Office Block, 5th Street, Chatham, ON.;  PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1997.  [101]
JOYCE: Joseph;  DPT: ca. 1890; PH: The American Studio, Newcastle-on-Tyne, U.K. ; INS: Joseph Joyce, Great grandfather (Jacob Joyce) Joyce's brother.  PUR: Waterloo County Antique Warehouse, St. Jacobs, ON.  1998. [101]
KEENAN: (3 photographs) (1) Miss E; SOP: 8 x 13 cm;  DPT: Oct. 1915;  PH: W. J. Topley; WPT: Ottawa, Ont; REP: From Public Archives of Canada (now National Archives of Canada), W. J. Topley Collection, Item no. C131811;   (2) Miss J;  SOP: 8 x 13 cm; DPT: March 1896;  PH: W. J. Topley; WPT: Ottawa, Ont;   REP: From Public Archives of Canada (now National Archives of Canada), W.J. Topley Collection, Item no. C71580; (3) Miss;  SOP: 8 x 13 cm; DPT: March 1883;  PH: W. J. Topley; WPT Ottawa, ON.   REP: From Public Archives of Canada (now National Archives of Canada), W. J. Topley Collection - Item #D43228  
KENNEDY FAMILY: Alex and Janet (nee Allan) with four daughters: Agnes, Anne Young, Janet, Margaret Robertson. SOP: 4x6. DPT: Submitter of this photo believes the picture was taken in the 1840's. PH: Donald of Dundee, [Scotland]. [120]
KNEALE: Charles; SOP: 6 x 10.5 cm;  DPT: c. 1880; PH: Columbia Photo Co;  INS: "Charles Kneale son of Uncle Arthur and Aunt Phebe."  INF: Infant:  PUR: Chatwood & Simmons, 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. [101]
LALONDE: Hattie;  2 photos: 1) A young woman. 2) A middle aged woman.  SOP: 9 x 13 cm;   See also listing for Katherine Eadie REYNOLDS  [103]
LAMB, W. D.; SOP: 10 x 16 cm. - saw-toothed edged; DPT ca 1890; PH: G. A. Briggs, Port Elgin, ON.; INS: "Compliments of Prof. W.D. Lamb, Gorrie, Ont." PUR: Alphorn Gifts & Antiques, Shakespeare, ON, 1998; [101]
LEACH: Daisy; C-d-V; DPT: 1879; PH: Park & Co., Brantford, Ont;  DPT: 1879; INS: "To dearest Stella from her loving schoolmate Daisy Leach. 16.6.1879. B.Y.L.C. [Brantford Young Ladies' College?]  PUR: Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. [101]
LILLIE: Vera F; SOP: 5 x 7.5 cm. oval;  DPT: ca 1912;  WPT: Wallaceburg, ON.  INF: Either a classmate or friend or neighbour of Winifred Mowat née Brander, a resident of Wallaceburg at that time.   [105]
LITTLE:  Nellie; C-d-V;  DPT: ca. 1875; PH: Allen. Artist, Lamont Block, King Street, Chatham, Ont.; INF: Head and shoulder pose of young woman  PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1997.  [101]
LIVINGSTONE: Elizabeth Ellis; SOP: 10.5 x 16.5 cm; DPT: ca. 1880; INF: Elderly woman; INS: "Elizabeth Ellis Livingston Grandmother of Edna Davis Sanderson." PUR: Southworks Antique Gallery, Cambridge, ON, 1997. [101]
Ontario, Five photographs, 1)Group of seven Farm Workers: DPT ca. 1910. PH: unknown; INF: Probably a butchering team. "Lower right with dog, Wilbert Lunn. Tall man behind James Lunn (d. 1915); 2)Fifteen farm workers, Durham County, ca. 1810. INF: 4th from right Wilbert Lunn; 3) Will Lunn. Studio portrait GINF:(1869-1948) Farmer on Con. I of Manvers. Later a storekeeper in Peterborough; 4) Three Lunn brothers, back, James Lunn and Walter Gray, front Wilbert and Andrew Lunn. DPT ca 1910. PH: M.M. Morton, Lindsay, Ontario. 5) Elizabeth Lunn, (later Todd) DPT 1900-1905. GINF: daughter of John Lunn and Susan Findlay. Born Manvers Tp. and lived after her marriage in Cavan Tp, between Sandy Hook and Millbrook. [101].
MAIN: Lizzie;  C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1894;  PH: H. A. Huber, Berlin, Ont. INF: Young woman.  Photo found in attic of the home of Gail Groen near New Dundee, Ont.  [101]
MANN: John;  C-d-V: INF: Young man; INS: "John Mann" ; PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market.   [101]
MANN: Grandpa;  C-d-V;  PH: J. A. Mann, London, Ont.; DPT: ca. 1870; PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1997. [101]
MANSFIELD: Miss; SOP: 2.5' x 3 ";  DPT: ca. 1890;   INF: possibly from the Coburg area. [111] 
MATHESON, Miss Kate; SOP 10.5 x 17 cm; DPT: ca. 1920; PH: Charles Aylett; INF: Katie Matheson was director of nurses at Toronto Riverdale hospital ca. 1929.  INS: "M. Floyd";  (Margaret Floyd and her sister Frances were nurses at Riverdale Hospital)  [112]
McCANN: William; C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1880; PH: A. P. Hart, 306 East Water Street, Elmira, N.Y.; INS: "William McCann, Uncle 'Bill' husband of Sally."  PUR: Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. [101]
MCCAW FAMILY. Family portrait taken at Toronto. Possibly three generations,
four men, two women, two young girls. Individuals unnamed. DPT: 1890s?
McCLARY: Mrs. E. ;  SOP: 6.5 x 10 cm; DPT: ca. 1995;   PH: J. H. Hopkins, St. Thomas, ON.;  INS: "To Artie with love from Mrs. E. McClary." PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1997.   [101]
McLENNAN: Jenny;  C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1875; INF: Young woman;  PUR: Dalton's Collectables, 361 Merritt St., St. Catharines. ON. L2P 1P7.  [101]
MILNE: John Keith; SOP: 10 x 14 cm;  DPT: ca. 1890; PH: Durwood A. Weese, Belleville, Ont.  INS: "John Keith Milne at 3 1/2 months, weight 18 lbs."; PUR Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. [101]
MITCHELL: Hattie;  SOP: 11 x 16.5 cm; DPT: ca. 1895;  PH: Horace Imrie, 59 Monroe Ave., Detroit;  PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1997. [101]
MOOREFIELD (Methodist Church) YOUNG PEOPLE; SOP: 13 x 18 cm; DPT: ca. 1894; WPT: Probably on an excursion to Elora Rocks. Seven of twelve individuals identified: Adelbert W. Johnson (1865-1935), Norman Perkin (1866-1941), Dr. Joe Delahunt, Effie Johnson (Mrs. Wm. Cowan), Adelaide Johnson (Mrs. Clarence Long), Edith Short (Mrs. Adelbert Johnson) 1869-1962, Franklin Short 1871-1958). [108]
MOOT: W. S?;   SOP: 7.5 x 11 cm; DPT: ca. 1860;   PH: W. S. Moot; Photograph & Ambrotype Artist, Canal Street, Dunnville, Ont.  Two photos: (1) young man, about 14 years old with older unidentified woman.  (2) A much older man   [103]
MORIN: Lucy; SOP: 7.5 x 10 cm; DPT: c.1900; PUR: Ed's Antiques, St. George, Ont, 1997.  [101]
1900. [101]
MURDOCK:  Ida, Amy and Roy;  SOP: 11 x 15 cm; DPT: c. 1895; PH: W. W. Burgess, Opp. Market, Mitchell, Ont;   INF photo of two women and child;  PUR: Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997. [101]
MYERS: Alex; SOP: 9 x 14 cm; DPT: c. 1880; INF: Elderly man; PUR: Southworks Antique Gallery, Cambridge, ON, 1997. [101]
NAERGARTH: John and Mrs; C-d-V; DPT: ca.1870; INS: "Mrs John Neargarth, Winslow, 16x20 cp. on separate cards.  1 mile north of Winslow P.O.  on townline between Caister and Gamsboro townline goes down mountain 1/2 mile east of Grimsby village.  Price $2.00 each.  Hair in both pictures only slightly grey.  11 miles south of Grimsby."  PUR: Ed's Antiques, St. George, Ont. 1997  [101]
NAERGARTH: Phillip; C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1870; INS: "Phillip Naergarth, Winslow P. O."  Inf: Man seated, woman standing;   PUR: Ed's Antiques, St. George, Ont. 1997.  [101]
NASH, Willie; C-d-V; DPT: ca 1890; PH: Frank Z. Fritz, 461/2 Coryell St., Lambertville, N.J.; INF: Boy, about 12 yrs old.  [101] 
NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL:  SOP: 26.5 x 34 cm. (In frame 49.5 x 59.5 cm); DPT: 1912; PH: Butler; INS: Title: "County Council 1912" [Names listed on mat]: A.E. Aiken, John A. Barron, E. Boughner, R. Crysler*, J. Goble, Oscar Haviland, F.W. Jones*, Jno. Macklem, A.R. McKnight* Dr. Meek, C.F. Misner, N.S. Palmerston, G.H. Smith*, S. Squire, E. Tisdale*, Henry Wallace*, A.A. Winter, F.H. Vyse, Edwin Woodward" ;  GINF: "Because I recognized the name of my Great Uncle (brother of my maternal grandfather) and then other surnames in my family tree, I knew the county being referred to was Norfolk County.  * Surnames appearing on present family tree."   PUR: Southworks Antique Gallery, Cambridge, ON  [116]
OVERBOLT: Mr and Mrs Charles; DPT: ca. 1905; INF: Possibly taken on their Wedding Day;  [101] 
PALMER, Maria; MEMORIAL CARD; INS: In Loving Remembrance of Maria Palmer, Died Dec. 7. 1894. A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled. God in His wisdom has recalled the boon His love had given; And though the body slumbers now, The soul is safe in Heaven." [101]
PARKER: Carrie G; SOP: 9 x 12.5 cm; DPT: 25 Dec. 1889; PH: Geo. W. Scott Instantaneous Portraits, Gowanda, N.Y.    INF: Photograph shows three children: Carrie G. Parker 11 yrs., Ashey W. Parker 9 yrs., Mattie E. Parker, 7 yrs;     [103]
PENNINGTON, R.; SOP: post-card format; DPT: 1916; PH: W> H. Warburton, Douglas, Isle of Man; INS Yours sincerely R. Pennington, April 1916"; PUR Shakespeare, ON, 1998. [101]
REYNOLDS:  Katherine, (Heywood, née Eadie); SOP: 9 x 12.5 cm; DPT: ca. 1890;  GINF: Katherine Eadie Reynolds, b. Oakland, Ont., 6 Aug. 1872, d. Detroit, Mich, 14 Nov. 1940 is the grandmother of #103; INF: Katherine is on the left, Hattie Lalonde on right.  Both women about 20 years, weaing coats of identical style.    [103] 
REYNOLDS / RENOLS:  Richard Oliver;  SOP: 9 x 12.5 cm; GINF: Born 1834  s/o Thomas Reynolds & Debby DePew - both U.E.L. descendants.  Married Sarah Barnes, 13 Feb. 1864 at Walpole, Haldimand, both of Woodhouse.   [103]
ROSE, Alex (Sergeant Major) ; SOP: 13 x 9 cm. DPT: unknown ; PH: Herbert E. Simpson Studio, 143 College St., Toronto, Ont. Inf: Alex Rose in full dress uniform of the 48th Highlanders. Aquired from Grandparents Tredway & Annie Closson of Highland Creek, Ontario (now Toronto). Donor: Marjorie White, P.O. Box 138, Bobcaygeon, Ont, K0M 1A0
ROWAN/ Mary/May with unnamed groom and wedding party. PH: Morgan Studios,
Hamilton, Ontario. DPT: c. 1922. GINF: Please help identify the groom so I
can get Mary's married last name. She died shortly after her marriage. [121]
RYAN: Thomas W. (Reverend) and family   Collection of three photographs thought to be taken on the same day,  all size 11.5 x 7 cm; 1) INS: "Procession before Father Tom's first Mass, April 28, 1935 at the Parish of Ryan.  Father Tom under the arrow;"  2) "Rev. Thomas W. Ryan; 3) The Ryan Family.  Four boys in back row from left to right - John Joseph, D.O., Father Tom, Francis.  Front Row - Sarah, David, Myself, Richard, Loretta, Mae, Catherine." [101]
SCHWERDTFEGER/SCHWERDFEGER: Johann Samuel. Betty Ticknor of Florida has donated to the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Genealogical Society, her collection, including a scrapbook and assorted 19th. century photographs of descendants of Johann Samuel Schwerdtfeger, [b. 6/4/1734, d. 1802] in addition to documents and correspondence relating to this family. This collection also contains a copy of a small book published some years ago by Hazel Schwerdfeger.
SCOUTEN: S. S; C-d-V; INF: Man about 35 years old.  PUR: Dalton's Collectables, 361 Merritt St., St. Catharines. ON. L2P 1P7.  [101]
SCOUTEN: Electa; C-d-V; INF: Studio portrait of woman wearing fashion ca. 1875.  PUR Dalton's Collectables, 361 Merritt St., St. Catharines. ON. L2P 1P7.  [101] 
SHAINE: Edith; SOP: 10.5 x 16.5 cm;  DPT: ca. 1890; INF:  Studio portrait of woman kneeling beside a young child seated in a sleigh.  PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market;  [101] 
SHANTZ: Laura.  SOP: 7.5 x 14 cm. oval; DPT: ca. 1910;  PH: Green & Co., Berlin, Ont; INF: Woman wearing white cothing, possibly nursing uniform.  Photo found in attic of the home of Gail Groen near New Dundee, Ont.,  [101]
SHORT: Edith; SOP: 23 x 18 cm; DPT ca 1888; INF: Group photograph of 36 people.  Possibly "Ebenezer Young Peoples Group."  WPT: Courtice, Darlington Tp. Ontario.  GINF: Edith Short 1869-1962 and her brother Frank Short, 1871-1955 are the only people identified.  Also see listing for Moorefield Young People. [108]
SIDERFIN: C.; SOP: 10 x 16 cm.; DPT: ca. 1880; PH: F.B. Farmer Bros, 8 & 10 King St. West, Hamilton, ON.; INS: "To Lou, with best wishes, C. Sidererfin." PUR: Alphorn Gifts & Antiques, Shapespeare, ON, 1998. [101]
SIMS, Sam'l; C-d-V.; DPT: ca. 1895. PH: Royal Park Photographic Studio, Glenton House, King Street, Greenwich, [U.K.]; INF: A man of about 20 years; PUR: Alphorn Gifts & Antiques, Shakespeare, ON, 1998 [101]
SLACK: John (Jack) Henry Rawsthorne; SOP: 20X25; DPT: ca 1918; PH: Charles Aylett; INF: Photo taken as a possible theatre promotion for his WWI regiment, The 83rd Queen's Own Rifles, Billet 13. This regiment was the Reg Pellet Co. and was mostly an entertainment group. Slack also played Massey Hall and performed with the RKO Keith Circuit, a vaudeville company. He died in 1925. Donor: Joyce Beaton, 1010 Grandview Lake Road, RR#1, Baysville, ON P0B 1A0
SMITH, Alonzo, and family. A collection of 6 photographs: 1) Alonzo SMITH (b. 22 Feb 1841 at Carrying Place, Prince Edward Co., d. 6 Feb. 1899, St. Vincent Tp., Grey Co.) with his wife, Mary NELSON (b. Keene, Peterborough Co., 6 July 1839, d. 6 June 1930) DPT: ca 1895. INF: Outdoor, full length photograph. 2) Family of Alonzo SMITH and his wife, Mary (NELSON) SMITH including seven children: Ann Amelia SMITH, 7 May 1864-April 13, 1909; Lyman Garret Vanlouten SMITH, April 14, 1866 - Dec. 17, 1887; James Albert SMITH, March 29, 1868-Oct. 29, 1948; Lucy Isabel SMITH, Jan 28, 1872 - March 7, 1892; Lewis Almer SMITH, Dec. 23, 1880 - Nov. 17, 1953; Sarah Melissa SMITH, 7 June, 1874 - Feb. 12, 1943; Margaret Elizabeth SMITH, April 2, 1878 - April 28, 1951; INF: Outdoor family group; DPT: ca 1885; 3) Garrett Vanhouten SMITH, b. 11 March 1818, at Carrying Place, Prince Edward Co. and his wife Ann Amelia OSTROM, b. 31 Jan, 1823 in Hastings Co, d. April 10, 1900, at Carman, Manitoba - parents of Alonzo Smith, DPT: ca 1870; 4) Archibald NELSON, father of Mrs. Alonzo SMITH, born 21 May, 1805, Lanarkshire, Scotland, d. Feb. 11, 1884, Otonabee Tp. Peterboro Co.; GINF: husband of Ann RICHARDSON, b. 20 May, 1807, Lincolnshire, England, d. Dec. 3, 1855, Otonabee Tp. Peterboro Co. INF: Studio portrait; DPT: ca 1880; 5) Photo of the Marriage Certificate of Alonzo SMITH and Mary NELSON, 15th Jan. 1863; 6) Photo of Ken GILMORE, donor of this collection, on his 76th birthday, July 12, 1998.
SMYTH: Samuel, with Elizabeth Groves Smyth and Mary Smyth Kemp. SOP: 16 x 19 cm. [in a frame]; DPT: ca 1904; INS: "Samuel Smyth (born in Belfast] Elizabeth Groves Smyth, Mary Smyth Kemp" Two adults with a young girl holding a doll. INF: Photo found at Amity Store, Aug. 1996 by M. Costello of Hamilton Branch OGS. [member C-187]. GINF: Hamilton Cemetery, Section 305-2, Mon. #640 "Mother-Elizabeth Groves Smyth 1857-1929 / Mary Smyth Kemp 1898-1967"
SNYDER: Pearl;  SOP: 15 x 9 cm; DPT: ca 1910;   PH: Darragh, Galt, Ont;  INS: "Mrs. Lini Shantz (Pearl) daughter of (Sam Snyder) O.T. Coleman Farm."  INF: Photo found in attic of the home of Gail Groen near New Dundee, Ont.  [101]
SNYDER: Samuel; SOP: 11 x 16.5 cm; DPT: ca. 1901;  PH: Green & Co., Berlin, Ont.; INF: Wedding photograph showing bride and groom. INF: Photo found in attic of the home of Gail Groen near New Dundee, Ont.  [101]
SNYDER: T. [Reverend]; C-d-V; PH: Butler, Post Office Block, Chatham, Ont; INF: Middle aged gentleman;  PUR: Dalton's Collectables, 361 Merritt St., St. Catharines. L2P 1P7.  [101] 
SNYDER:  Urias:   SOP 71/2" x 9 1/2"; INS: "Urias Snyder Sawmill, Haliburton."  INF:  Wide angle photo showing outbuildings and nine unidentified workers at the sawmill.  Photograph found in the attic of the home of Gail Groen near New Dundee, Ont.  [101]
STANNARD, J. S.; SOP: 8.7 x 8.7 cm. mounted on 12.3 x 12.3 card; DPT: ca. 1895; INS: J.S. Stannard, Nanaimo, B.C.; INF Elderly gentleman sitting on wicker chair; PUR: Shakespeare, ON. [101]
SURTEES: Adelaide Elizabeth; (married Frederick John Wotley)  SOP: 17 x 10 cm; DPT: ca. 1885; PH: Dorion & [Delorme ?].  WPT: 140 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ont; ; INF: Middle aged woman; GINF: b. 15 July 1855, Rockland Co. Russell, Ont. Died [?]  [109]  
SURTEES, Charles and Rossanah. SOP: 10 x 6.5 cm;   PH: Wallis.  WPT: Sparks St, Ottawa, Ont.   GINF: Mr. and Mrs. Charles SURTEES. Rossanah, b. 08 Feb. 1836, d. 23 Sept.1932 at Ottawa.  Charles, b. 15 Feb. 1823, d. 27 Mar 1905. bur. Clarence Cemetery, Clarence, Ont. [109]  
SUTHERLAND, LT. COL. Jno;  SOP: 21 x 12 cm.;  DPT c. 1914.  PH: Campbell's, Winnipeg.   INF: Killed W.W.1, 1918.  Had been engaged to be married to Vera SHERRIN of Souris, Manitoba, formerly of Ontario.  [110] 
SYMONDS: Fred; C-d-V; DPT: 1872; PH: J. H. Noverre, 29 King Street East, Opposite The Globe Office, Toronto;  INS: "F Symons, 3 Dec. 1872; Uncle Fred Symons." PUR: Chatwood & Simmons, 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997 [101]
TAYLOR: Lizzie; C-d-V;DPT: ca. 1880; INS: "Lizzie Taylor, Abbi Taylor's sister & Graces & Kate's"  PUR: Dalton's 361 Merritt Street, St. Catharines, ON. L2P 1P7.  [101]
TELFORD: Frankie; SOP: 7.5 x 10 cm; DPT: ca. 1900; PH: Dixon, 249 Yonge St., Toronto; INF: Infant; INS: Cousin FrankieTelford; PUR: Ed's Antiques, St. George. Ont, 1997.  [101]
THOMPSON: Agnes Wynne:  C-d-V; DPT: April 1880; PH: LeMaitre's Studio, 324 Yonge St., Toronto; INS: Agnes Wynne Thompson, Apl./80.  INF: infant; PUR: Chatwood & Simmons 56 Walton St. Port Hope, 1997 [101]
THOMSON, Simon and Mary Jane, née Narwood? SOP: 10.5 x 14.4; DPT: ca. 1885; PH: Leary Artistic Photographer, Studio, Box's Block, Queen Street, St. Marys; INF: Possibly a wedding photograph;
THORNE: SOP: 25.5 x 20 cm; DPT: ca. 1900;  INF: Outdoor photo of large wedding group at the Thorne family home, near Breslau, Waterloo Tp, (now Woolwich Tp.) Waterloo Co. [101]  
THORNTON[?]: John; SOP: 9 x 12.5 cm;  INF: Young man, age 19 yrs. in military uniform.  Studio portrait.     [103]
TODD, ELIZABETH. See item five, Elizabeth Lunn,
TUPPER: Thurman A; SOP: 17 x 23 cm; DPT: ca. 1941; PA: The Smith Studio, Sackville, N.B.  INS: "R.C.A.F. no. R.132831. Radar Mechanic in training at Mt. Allison, Sackville, New Brunswick. age 21 years.  1941.  Thurman A. Tupper, Sutton, Quebec, son of Mr & Mrs Arthur Tupper." (written in pencil: "139 Aylmer Ave., Ottawa."] PUR: At the Thrift Store, Upper Wyndham Street, Guelph, in 1998.  [113]  
TURNBULL, Maitland.  DPT: 15 Sep. 1902; SOP: 2"x3"; PH: McGadden; WPT: Port Elgin.  INS: 6 1/2 months.  INF: Photo of baby seated in a small chair and dressed in what appears to be a Christening gown. Contact: Delores Lowndes,
UNKNOWN SUBJECT: PH: E.T. Hamly, Port Hope, Ontario. DPT: 1890-1910.
Young woman in elaborate hat and striped shirtwaist. [101].
WALLACE:  Aveleigh; SOP; 4 1/2" x 6 1/2";  DPT: ca 1913; INS:  "Aveleigh Wallace, Woodstock, Gerald's Friend."  [105]
WANZER:  "Little Wanzer" SOP: 2 1/2 x 4";  INF: Possibly an advertising photograph showing young girl seated at the sewing machine "Little Wanzer" Manufactured by R. M. Wanzer & Co., Corner of King & Catherine Sts. Sale Room 64 King St. Hamilton, Ont.  [103]
WATSON:  Emma; C-d-V; DPT: ca. 1880;  PH: Park & Co., Photographic Artists, Brantford, Ont; INS: "To dear Stell [Stella] with love from your little duckie Em. Watson.  Remember English Play also 'Old Higgins daughter; Borrowed frills & atire the best.  White House, white letters on blue ground.   First  ___2 _ malt 'cracked clea_ gone' but I'm not so young as I used to was some twenty years ago.  Your loving old Capt Emma." PUR: Chatwood & Simmons, 56 Walton St., Port Hope, 1997. [101]
WASHEUSE: Estelle; SOP: 4 cm. round; Graduation photograph; INS: "Estelle Washeuse 1905 age 20, BS. BA.  PUR: Ed's Antiques, St. George, Ont. 1997.  [101]
WEBB: Mrs; SOP: 10 x 15 cm; DPT: ca. 1918; PH: Morgan's Studio, 595 King St. East, Hamilton, Ont; INS: "To Miss Eaton from Mrs Webb"  INF: A middle-aged woman in evening dress wearing a medal or insignia around her neck.115]  
WHITTIKER: James and Family Picnic; SOP: 7" x 5";  DPT: ca 1900; PH: James Whittiker?; WPT: Possibly near Morrisburg, Ont;  INF: A glass plate negative photo.  Part of a collection of about 24 photos by James Whittaker an optomatrist and amateur photographer from Morrisburg, ON.  [106]
WILEY:  Harriet.  C-d-V; DPT: ca 1875;  PUR: St. Jacobs Antique Market, 1977.  [101]
WILKINSON, Jennie Dillenback. DPT: April 1881; PH: Park & Co, Brantford, Ontario. Wedding photograph taken a few months after her father's death. Submitted by Michelle Walker:
WILLIAMS, Montague. [Two photographs] 1) SOP; 10 x 13 cm.; DPT: 22 June 1892; PH: W. P. Coughlan, Prt Gallery, Nanaimo, B.C.; INS: "Montague Williams, June 22nd 1892"; INF: Infant under one year; 2) SOP: 10 x 14 cm.; PH: The Elite, Nanaimo, B. C.; INS: "Montague Williams, April 1894, Nanaimo, B.C."; INF: Child about 2 years old; PUR: Shakespeare, ON, 1998. [101]

WILSON, Mr and Mrs.  INF: "I have an entire album of old photo's, most of which I believe to be from the late 1800's. I believe the album belonged to my great-great grandmother. It contains over 30 photographs including some tin-types. Many of them are labeled, others not.  The reverse side of several images are visible. One of these is clearly labeled ' D. Dingman, Picton' - the name of both my g-g Grandfather and my g.g.g Grandfather.   [Ed. Note: Dingman, i.e.  Dingman & Sawyer, Dingman & Hubbs, Dingman Bros, Dingman, A. & A., Dingman Dougall, etc., operated photographic studios in Picton between 1864 and 1876, possibly a little longer.]   Photographs in this album are labeled as follows:
Effie Allen; Mr. & Mrs. Allen; Baker Girl; Martha Annie & Mary Antonette (no last name); Daniel Dingman; Daniel Dingman (Older); Damiel Dingman's Mother; D.B. Dingman  (Garret Dingman's Son); G.D.; Garret Dingman; George Dingman; Geo Dingman & Ida Baker; Mrs. Gokey or Mrs. Hirum Bacon's, West Olive Mich.; Hayes (Presumed to be Matilda); Bert McGee; T. Snyder; Sid Stevens; S.P. Swarts & Wife; Etta Wheatley; Mr. & Mrs. Wilson
For further details about this album contact

WINSLOW: Miss Mary; SOP: 8 1/2 x 12 cm;   PA: Dixon, 293 Yonge Street, Toronto; INS:  [Written upon a calling card]  "Miss Mary WINSLOW, 68 Elm Grove.  With Xmas Greetings 1907." PUR: Ed's Antiques, St. George, Ont.  [101]
WOODWARD, RANDOLPH, and friend, DPT ca 1900, GINF: Randolph Woodward, b.
1878. Photo taken Oshawa, Bowmanville or Orono. Studio portrait. [101].
WOTLEY:  Jerrie;  SOP: 6.5 x 10 cm;   DPT: Feb. 1882. PH: J.D. Wallis, 61 Sparks St. Ottawa, Ont; INF Excellent close-up photo of two young children; GINF: Jennie age 3 yr, Nellie age 1 yr, 3 mos. Daughters of Fred and Addie WOTLEY of the Ottawa area. [109]


"PI" indicates that the photograph, or copy of the photograph, has been donated to the photo index. Copies of such photos may be obtained by contacting the Photo Index, care of Frances Hoffman,  1499 Jigs Hollow Road, R.R.#2, West Montrose, Ontario, CANADA, N0V 2V0, or by email:  In all other cases, please contact the owner of the photograph to arrange to have a copy made.
101   Photo Index C/O Frances Hoffman, 1499 Jigs Hollow Road, R. R. 2, West Montrose, ON.   N0B 2V0. Tel: 519-664-3670. email:
102 PI Anonymous 
103 PI Donor: Beverly Adamsky, 2549 S. 69 St., Milwauki, WI.  53219,  U.S.A.  All photos in this collection were found in an old  family  album given to Ella Reynolds by Hattie LaLonde of  Simcoe, Norfolk Co., in the 1930's, inscribed: "I present  to  Miss Ann Amelia.  Steal not this book for fear of shame  for  in it stands the owners name - Amelia Barns for the  year 1869."  
104 Shirley E. Lancaster, 178 Grandview Ave., Thornhill, ON. L3T  1J1; Tel:905-889-0498; email: slancaster@compuserve
105 PI Donor: Jane I. Martin, 80 Rossander Crt., Scarborough, ON.  M1J 2B8; Tel:416-431-4406; email: 
106 Jack Scheckter, 60 Vincent St., Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4W4; Tel:  613-283-4606; e-mail:
108 Muriel G. Steeb, 159 RiverbankDr., Cambridge, ON. N3H 4R6;  519-893-8124
109 Dorothy E. Morris, 29 Ravenview Dr., Whitby, ON, L1R 1Y2;  Tel: 905-725-2699
110 Adrienne Sherrin, 58-1101 Cameron Ave., Kelowna, B.C. V1Y  8V9 e-mail:
111 Wendy McLeod, Hinsons Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX;  e-mail:
112 Eileen Bashak, 30 Nursery Lane, Fonthill, ON L0S 1E2. 1-905- 892-3672. e-mail:
113 PI Donor: Henry Law, 193 Norfolk Street, Guelph, ON. N1H  4K1
114 PI Donor: Gloria Jackson, 13366 Golf Course Line, R.R. #1,  Ridgetown, ON N0P 2C0. e-mail:
115 PI Donor: Don Clement, 83 Skyline Drive, Dundas, ON L9H  3S3; 905-627-4700.  e-mail:    This  collection, including two letters, newsclipping, and over 30 family  portraits was purchased at auction in Dundas.  They come from the  estate of Mrs. Wm. C. McClymont, (née Edith Eaton),  92  Kensington Ave. N., Hamilton.  The photographs are mainly  unidentified and are taken by photographers in  Hamilton,  London, New York, Woodstock, Aylmer and Detroit.
116 David McKnight, 16 McKenzie Ave., Kitchener, ON. N2H 2A8.  Tel: 519-741-8471
117 Thelma Hormburger, 6-8 Manhatten Court, Guelph, ON N1E  3W2.  Tel: 519-763-4708
118 J. Gordon Scott, 432 Avondale Ave., Ottawa, ON   K2A 0S3.  Tel: 613-722-5365
119 Michael Bolton email
120 Harvey A. Reekie, 20552 Camperdown, R.R.2 Clarksburg, ON N0H 1J0. Tel: 519-599-3122
121 G. Fuson <>

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