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Free Teacher's Guide
BOOMer Rules

Answers to Boomer's Nature Questions

1.  Name some animals that Boomer would eat.
- spiders, dragonflies, butterflies, worms, beetles, bugs, mosquitoes, blood suckers, any small animal such as birds, snakes, frogs, salamanders, mice

2.  How did he catch his food?
- sticks out its long sticky tongue and throws the prey back into its mouth, frogs push the food down their throat with their eyeballs

3.  What is a cannibal? - the eat their own kind (species)

4.  What animals were Boomer's enemies?
- humans, herons, raccoons, big snakes, mink, skunks, pike, snapping turtles, bass, giant water bug

5.  How did Boomer keep his home clean?
- zapped out his tongue and dunked litter into a garbage bin like a basketball player

6.  What was Boomer's famous song?
- Jugarump...-deep, loud, hoarse, repeated, drone call lasting 1 second

7.  Why did all the bullfrogs think Boomer rules the river?
- He was the biggest, strongest and loudest with good ideas

8.  How did Boomer keep other boy bullfrogs out of his territory?
- warning croak, pushing, dunking his opponent, fighting

9.  Would you be afraid of Boomer?  Why or Why not?

10.  Why was Boomer given the Noble Frog Peace Prize?
- Boomer helped everyone clean up their environment and habitat all over the world

11.  Describe how Boomer meets his habitat needs under these headings:  food, water, shelter, space, air, warmth, and clean home.
- food (flies), water (drinks pond water), shelter (lives in water and along banks of wetlands), space (claims its territory by croaking and fighting), air (breathes through skin and lungs), soil (lives in the mud for winter), sun (sits in the sun to collect heat)

12.  Finish and illustrate this sentence.  "Jugarump!...Jugarump!...  The ______ is not a dump."
- school ground, classroom, desk, backyard, park, road, forest, neighbourhood, lake, park, air, road, ocean, street, outer space, etc.

13.  Why is it important to keep our habitat clean, especially the river? - source of human drinking water

14.  Explain the following statements: 
"My mind is not a dump." - We should think for ourselves about choices that are good for us.  TV commercials can brainwash us.
"Don't sit on your rump." - We need to take action to solve problems.  Thinking and talking about problems is only the first step.

15.  Why are bullfrogs becoming endangered species?
- Amphibians are directly exposed to water, land, air pollution, global wanming, habitat loss, ozone depletion, predator fish, and used for human food.

16.  Why was Boomer worried about mother earth having a fever?
- rising water levels, less land space, melting glaciers, habitat loss, bad weather -- hurricanes, drought, floods and less life support for all living things -- plants, trees, humans

17.  What can we do to lower Mother Earth's temperature?
- lifestyle changes in transportation - electric/hybrid cars, walk, trains, buses - energy use - fluorescent lights, energy saving appliances, insulation - energy sources - solar, wind, voltaic cells, hydro.  Turn lights off when not needed.

Change to Bullfrog Power - What is Bullfrog Power?
     Ontario's first 100% green electricity retailer
     Clean, reliable electricity from 100% EcoLogo - certified energy sources
     A new way for Ontarians to support renewable electricity rather thatn coal and nuclear
     A 100% Canadian company dedicated to increasing the supply of renewable electricity in Ontario

18.  Do you think one person can make a big difference in the world like Boomer?

19.  Do you know any people like Boomer?  (Maybe you?)
Boomer's List:  (growing list of public examples) Al Gore, Richard Branson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Alanis Morissette,
Keanu Reeves, David Suzuki, Bill Andrews, Elizabeth May, Dave Arthur , Canada Trust Friends of The Environment, OSEE, COEO, Earth Rangers, Nature Ontario, Nature Canada, WWF, World Watch, Bullfrog Power, Stephane Dion and YOU? etc.

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Description of Books How To Order Classroom Visitations Student Book Orders Background of Author Free Teacher's Guide For Melissa's Magnificent Message Free Teacher's Guide for BOOMer Rules