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Free Teacher's Guide
BOOMer Rules

Boomer's Literacy Questions

1.     1.  What is Boomer’s big problem in the story? (Beginning)
-Humans were littering his home. He had to spend all his time cleaning up his habitat instead of hunting for food or resting in the sun. Littering was ruining his happy life.

2.   2.  Give four events in order of time leading up to the solving of the problem. (Middle)
- (1) Boomer used his tongue to pick up litter. (2) More people came to see the wrestling matches and littered more than he could handle. (3) Children picnicking dropped litter on the ground. (4) Girls canoeing tossed a water bottle into his habitat. (5) Boys fishing dropped a plastic bag into the river. (Middle)

3.   3.  How does he solve the problem? (Middle)
-Boomer forcefully told people to stop the littering of his home using his deep, loud “Jugarump” voice. Boomer became a local hero and role model for all frogs. His success encouraged him to change his message. He became hero of his local area, the river and then the whole world.

4.   4.  What is the surprise ending for Boomer?  (Ending)
-Boomer’s message became popular throughout the country and the world. He was awarded the highest possible award, The Noble Frog Peace Prize.

5.   5.  What is the author’s message or main idea in the story? (Theme)
-Everyone can be empowered to solve problems to help others and themselves. We need to take personal action to solve environmental problems such as global warming.

BOOMer Thoughts
Watch your thoughts…they become words.
Watch you words…they become actions.
Watch your actions…they become habits.
Watch your habits…they become your character.
Watch your character…it becomes your destiny

We need to initiate children at the primary level to think, discuss, and act at an appropriate level to start the educational process of caring for this planet..

6.   6.  What is the setting for the story?
-wetlands, bays along a river -Bullfrogs do not live in the middle of a river.

7.   7.  Use 5 words (adjectives) to describe the main character in the story.
-big, strong, loud, humungous, thunderous, annoying, handsome, wise, smiling mouth, pancake ears, crooked, olive green back, slimy bright yellow belly, attractive, enormous, bloated belly, long, sticky tongue, 

8.   8.  How will reading this story help you in life?
-We learn many facts about Bullfrogs. We learn that anyone can become empowered to do great things by solving problems that seem too difficult at first.

9. Why is BOOMer Rules a good title for the story?
-At first the story was called, Boomer’s Famous Song then Boomer Rocks.  BOOMer Rules plays on the word BOOM! “Rules” indicates everyone like Boomer can solve big or little problems if they try hard enough. It makes you want to find out why Boomer Rules or is a hero.

10. Read the story again to find six similes. (comparison using like or as)
-like thunder and rattled windows, like two bulky bubbles-like two grunting Sumo wrestlers-as if he was a basketball player-as big as a balloon-like an arrow-like a bullet

11. Read the story again to find any evidence of alliteration. (consecutive words starting with the same letter)
-BIG BOOMer, beautiful brown eyes, pancake patches, bloated bellies, bottle bounced, tasty trout.

12. Find proof of the use of ours five senses in the story.
-loud thunderous noise, perfumed scented Water Lilies, tasty flies, green back, slimy belly

13. What is your favourite illustration in the story?

14. How did the author use humour to capture interest?
-wresting match, Jugarump noise, tongue clean up, girlfriends, caught boat with tongue, Noble Frog Peace Prize.

15. How does the author’s “Voice” or passion come through in the story? Very strong overtone.
-Jugarump phrases, Boomer’s thoughts and deeds, interesting nature facts, passion for nature-BOOMer’s voice is the voice of nature, children, environmentalist who want a healthy habitat. It is the heart and soul of the person writing the story or the  author’s passion expressed in words and in the illustrations. ( caring, sensitive, compassionate voice that is concerned about children and the environment)-BOOMer’s voice is omnipresent throughout the story.

16. How does the author use imagery to give you a clear picture of events?
-thunderous noise-perfumed scented lilies-bulky bubble eyes-pancake patches-humungous mouth-singing duel-grunting Sumo wrestlers

17. The author has written six books. Where does he get his inspiration to write stories?
–nature and people, observations, animals, love and respect for our environment, children’s conversations, humourous situations.

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Description of Books How To Order Classroom Visitations Student Book Orders Background of Author Free Teacher's Guide For Melissa's Magnificent Message Free Teacher's Guide for BOOMer Rules