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Frank Glew -- Author

Classroom Presentations

“Literacy gives you Wings”

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Presentation Fees--Schools recover their HST each year from CRA.

Suggested Options

  1. Two one hour presentations - 1/2 day. $350 plus HST ($45.50)

  2. Three one hour presentations - $500 - one presentation for each part of the balanced day, Plus HST ($65).  This is one of the most popular for schools. I usually do the three, on e hour presentations (JK - Gr 4) in a full day because it fits into a balanced day program.

  3. Four presentations - $600 plus HST ($78).

NOTE: ($50-75) travel fee outside Waterloo Region and if necessary $100.00 accomodation

We can never overemphasize the importance of reading to children. The best reward for writing books is presenting and explaining how and why I write. I prefer to interact with children by rotating them through the library according to their approximate grade level. I find it far more meaningful presenting to smaller groups according to their curriculum grade expectations. The library setting promotes a positive atmosphere for reading. I use a variety of interesting props and AV equipment. All books are on overheads to allow students to easily see the story and participate. All presentations have an important environmental message as well as the fostering of Character Education (universal values). Literature expectations are a priority.

My books are all primary picture books. My main focus and preference is presenting to primary students. I chose primary books because values are mostly formed before age ten. I can accommodate three to four classes for 45 to 60 min. including JK and SK.  Please try to keep the approximate same age or grade levels in each presentation as close as possible.

I can emphasize:

1) Literacy writing traits.  Specific literacy traits can be taught on request

2) Science and environmental facts

3) Character education-values-big ideas

4) A mixture of all three This is my preference.

I encourage questions at the end of the presentation.

All eleven books are info-fiction. The books are filled with interesting facts that are true but the story line of course is fiction. I introduce all my nine books and read two during the visit. The seven elements of writing were considered in creating each of the author’s books and can be emphasized to meet school needs.

(Ideas/Content, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Convention and, Presentation)

However, if grade five to eight students are attending for a specific purpose, I will present the writing traits and expectations at their level. Please make sure they are prepared for a picture book presentation on writing traits and not as filler. I am flexible. With grades 4-8, I emphasize creativity, book analysis, writing and publishing skills.

Author Presentation Set-up

I like to work in the library where we have a positive literacy atmosphere.

The students can then sit comfortably on a rug instead of a hard floor. I need a good overhead,

And three tables for props and possibly a TV/VCR or CD player. I will arrive ½ hour before the first presentation to set up.

Students can purchase signed books at a lower price. ($10 tax, mailing included)  A ready-made order form is available on request to help organize the book purchasing. Each time a book is sold, the author will donate a book to a needy public or separate school of my choice somewhere in Ontario. So far over $700,000 worth of books has been donated to public and separate schools in Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa.

I presented at, “Reading for the Love of It” for the past six years. Testimonies are available.


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