Sailing the Tempo on Skeleton Lake, 4 Aug 2012

Jack's Page 

Author: Jack Ord
301-4 Willow Street
Waterloo, ON, Canada, N2J 4S2
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Jack's Page was retired in May 2015 and was replaced by:

Jack's Mini-Page  and

Jack's BASIC Physics

Jack's Mini-Page is my farewell to Java. It uses three Java Applets
to cover physics from Newton's Law to The Schrodinger Equation
(with help along the way from Richard Feynman).
It will remain until the end of 2015.

Jack's BASIC Physics is a work in progress. The first section begins
with The Mass on a Spring and ends with Trojan Asteroids. All the
programs are written in BBC BASIC.

Both Mini-Page and BASIC Physics use the same format: lots
of screen images and all equations hidden in the source code (where
they explain physics to the computer).