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Branston "Lister"

Charles A. Branston appears to have moved production of radios from Buffalo to Toronto in the early 1920s. This 4 tube TRF receiver was made around 1925, probably in Canada, and is closely related to the "Lister" model which sported an speaker box extension on the right hand side. It appears that this unit was originally supplied with plain condenser dials, but was later modified with verniers. The latest reference to the company I could find on the Web is Westinghouse's 1927 lawsuit against Branston (Westinghouse pursued many radio makers around this period.)

Thanks to Lloyd Swackhammer and his book, "Radios of Canada", for a history of Branston. Thanks also to my brother who bought this small prize from a yard sale for 30 bucks. It was 20 years before I became interested enough to make it work!

Sound quality from the headphone jack is quite good! Click to hear the MP3 (600K).

Astonishingly, all 4 tubes in the radio still worked. These are 1927 vintage Rogers AC32, possibly the first decent AC filament tube in the world, which allowed replacing expensive batteries with the then-new AC wall plug. The AC32 was developed and sold by Ted Rogers Sr. (yes, father of Ted Jr., who started the Rogers we know and love/hate today!). As the radio operated completely from batteries, these were probably not the original tubes but were swapped in soon after purchase.

A page from my notebook for geeks, including schematic. DC power for the radio was provided by a modified PC power supply.

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