Barbeque Sauces


This barbeque sauce has a flavour and an aroma that is surprisingly unique. It hits you one way when you first taste or smell it, then totally changes as you take it in. Great on ribs, and the main ingredient in The Perfect Medium.

Heinz Barbeque Sauces

Heinz barbeques have yet to leave much of a lasting impression. They are probably among the most popular sellers, though.

Kraft Barbeque Sauces

For a big-scale company, these guys actually make some pretty good sauces. The Original isn't great, but the Chicken & Rib is a nice mild sauce for Hot Dogs (especially when cooked on and it goes all sticky!), and the Garlic is pretty yummy, too.

Lea and Perrins Barbeque

Mmm. Here is a rich, dark barbeque. Could you expect any less from Lea and P? Comes in very cool packaging, too!

McDonald's Barbeque Sauce

Although not available in stores, McD's BBQ deserves mention for one reason -- McDonald's fries! This is a perfect marriage. McDonald's fries with other barbeque sauces don't quite work, nor do other fries with McD's Barbeque. Try it for youself!

President's Choice Barbeque Sauces

These come in several varieties, all of which are pretty good. There's Tournament, their headliner, but it seems a little watery. Hickory Smoke and Roasted Garlic are both good, but the flavour is a little too intense to be an every day sauce. Rosted Garlic boasts an amazingly dark flavour. Extra Spicy seems to be the best at the right amount of richness.

The Perfect Medium

This sauce is a combination of two other sauces: 1 part Red Hot to 3 parts "Cattleman's Barbeque Sauce" What do you wind up with? An amazing medium wing sauce. Also a great dipping sauce for nuggets and fries, and has been known to spice up various casseroles. Try it if you can find Cattleman's. (Try the boxed meat stores) You'll be sold!


This barbeque originates from Texas and is only available in some states, and not up here in Canada. But it is worthwhile to 'smuggle' over. Great on wings, meant for ribs. You can never have enough varieties of BBQ sauce, and this one is smooth, spicy, sweet and addictive! Comes in original or spicy.