Hot Sauces

There are entire sites devoted to hot sauces, but here are some of my favourites:

Frank's Red Hot

Definately the king of condiments! Just like the bottle says: "Great Taste! Doesn't Overpower Food" This sauce is more about flavor than heat. In fact it seems to enhance other flavors. Spices up just about any dish - spaghetti, pizza, mexican - you name it. Great as a 'hot' wing sauce and part of sauce #3 (See The Top Ten) for the perfect medium.

Louisiana Hot Sauce

Probably one of the original commercial hot sauces. Lots of flavour, and its pretty hot, if you like that sort of thing.

President's Choice Louisiana Hot Sauce

Taste's suspiciously like the above sauce but costs less.


Too hot to really be a sauce, but a little works great to season and heat up a whole dish.