Miscellaneous Sauces

These sauces merit mention, but are just too hard to categorize.

HP Fruity Sauce

The lesser known sauce of the HP francise has a distinct taste that is sure to please. This sauce really shines in the fried breakfast foods department. Amazing on eggs (fried, scrambled, sandwiches, whatever), bacon, sausage and hashbrowns. Use this sauce generously!


Like mother's milk to the world of sauces. Most distinguishing sauce-lovers were trained on this stuff! It is the only thing that always works with fries, Kraft Dinner, grilled cheese, and more. Mix with Red Hot for a zesty ketchup. Only P.C. brand closely measures up to the original and best -- Heinz.

Seafood Sauce

Who would of known ketchup and horseradish could taste so good together? There is absolutely nothing like dipping huge shrimp in this stuff!


If Frank's is the king, this is a close queen. Accept no imitations, it MUST be Lea and P! The best cooking sauce, a perfect marinade on its own, and try just licking it off your palm - its like a party in your mouth!