Similar to 'Hot' (see below) but with a little more flavour. Would they put MSG in mustard? Maybe that's it. Anyways, it clears your sinuses, makes your eyes water, and tastes great with select Chinese food dishes.


I've never understood the popularity of Dijon, except maybe for the 'Grey Poupon' commercials.


The favourite condiment of many, the ONLY one for some! As bright in flavour as it is in colour.


For meals like Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, the only mustard is the simplest -- mustard powder and water! A nice bite that quickly fades.


Speaking of addictive, this is one of those flavours that gets you tearing apart the fridge just to find something to put it on. Don't scrape too much off the knife before you lick it off! Of course, it is best enjoyed on sausage on a bun

President's Choice Brown and Spicy

I'm not even sure this one is available any more. It is rich and spicy and full of little grainy things. But scrumptious on, well, anything you might put mustard on!