Salsas and Relishes

Branston's Pickle Relish

Wow! What a flavour. A tiny little bit flavours and entire sandwich, but no need to be too thrifty -- except for the price. To simulate the flavour, try combining bread and butter pickles with HP Sauce.

Green Pickle Relish

This is one of those old favourites that tastes great until you start eating other relishes.

Jeanette's Pickle Relish

Sorry, folks. This is not yet available in any stores. That sweet green relish has been flung to the bottom of the heap by this family recipe. It boasts an amazing onion flavor which is frankly addictive.

President's Choice Black Bean and White Corn Salsa

This is the best salsa I have ever tasted. Don't let the vegetables fool you into thinking it's only for health nuts, the flavour is just outstanding!

Willie's Chili Sauce

Why do they call it Chili Sauce? It's really a sweet chutney. Chili sauce should be homemade, but if you have to buy it, Willie does a pretty good job.

Willie's Zuccinni Relish

Probably the best store-bought relish. Leaves normal green relishes in the dust.