The Philosophy of Sauce

Some like food plain, where as others like it wet and bursting with flavour!
These principles of sauces may be personal preference, but I think they are foundations to live on:

1. Get a second fridge
Okay, maybe this is overdoing it. A bit. All I know is that my wife is always complaining about how I manage to fill up all the shelves AND the doors. What can I say?

2. The right sauce for the right food
The trick is finding the sauce that enhances (or covers) the flavours of each food. (Some foods are kind of gross so thank goodness there are sauces to bury their taste!)

3. Find out which sauces are good over time
Some sauces taste great at first but grow tiresome quickly. Others take time to acquire a taste for.

4. Don't be afraid to mix sauces
You can discover some amazing flavours with experimentation. How else do you think they came up with Tarter Sauce and Seafood sauce? Especially fun is to make your own BBQ sauces. Open the fridge and pour everything in. Then taste and add more until you get it right! I've had some pretty big bowls of sauce this way...

5. You can never have too many kinds of barbeque sauce
Just try and argue with that logic! I dare you!

6. You can never use too much barbeque sauce
Pour it on, baby!

7. Sauces are best served cold
Ever wonder why a Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich always tastes better fresh than from your lunch bag? Its because mixing temperatures is as important to the taste buds as mixing flavours. Nice cold jam tastes great with room-temperature bread and PB. The same principle applies to your sauces. Dip a piece of hot steak with cold steak sauce to make your mouth come alive!

8. Look in the back of the fridge once and awhile
Its amazing what treasures you can find back there.

I'm getting hungry. Enjoy!