I am currently seeking work. I would prefer work in compiler development, and I would prefer to work either on a distributed team or in the Waterloo area, but I am also considering positions that offer one of the two.

My resumé.

Previous jobs:


Here is a package of small filters and other utilities for Unix-like systems, that I've found more-or-less useful.

DashPhoon is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget that displays the phase of the moon.

I've written some modules, themes, and other software for the Drupal content management system; these are hosted here. They're currently out of date, though; new versions soon.

A patch (0.5K) for nvi 1.79 to fix :w !!


How to wire your own foot switch for Kinesis contoured keyboards.

Some material related to the KW Amateur Radio Club basic course. (I am VA3TCS.)


The OS formerly known as UNIX™ (Warning: graphics)

Plasticine BSD daemon (Warning: graphics)


Intel® Array Building Blocks – a flexible parallel programming model for multicore and many-core architectures.

Previous jobs:

  • Archelon – Retargetable Compiler Toolset.
  • Sandvine – Intelligent Broadband Network Management.


Some friends' pages: Sarah Fitz-Claridge, David Deutsch, Lulie Tanett

A couple of sites I do some technical work on: Taking Children Seriously, Setting the World to Rights


Self-indulgent picture(s) of me. Can't have a home page without.


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