Foot switch pinouts for Kinesis contoured keyboards

Old Kinesis contoured keyboards (with the RJ11 at the plug end of the cable) supported a two-position foot switch; current ones (with the RJ11 at the keyboard end) support a three-position foot switch. Red and black are always used for the first and second switches. Unfortunately yellow, the common wire on the old keyboards, is used for the third switch on the new ones, and common moves to green.

RJ11 Phone Old New
2 black switch 2 switch 2
3 red switch 1 switch 1
4 green - common
5 yellow common switch 3

I have a couple of triple foot switches, presumably originally from some old dictation machine, wired with the middle switch as switch 1, the right as switch 2, and the left as switch 3 on the new keyboard and another switch 2 on the old.

foot switch wiring diagram foot switch foot switch wiring box
How to wire a triple foot switch for Kinesis contoured keyboards