[Colourised Daemon with a good ol' Hawley mouse]

The story: one idle evening, I took a chunk of plasticine that someone had left on my coffee table, and fashioned it into a likeness of the BSD mascot.

(The BSD Daemon character depicted here is under copyright of Marshall Kirk McKusick; follow this link for details.)

Subsequently, I took a few pictures using a grayscale digital camera – yes, it was a few years ago – and colourised one of them.

In case you're wondering, he wouldn't hold still for animation. He wouldn't hold still at all, actually, and soon fell from his shelf to an untimely squish.

daemon-cd-1.gif daemon-disk-1.gif daemon-disk-2.gif daemon-front-1.gif daemon-front-2.gif daemon-front-3.gif daemon-front-4.gif daemon-front-5.gif daemon-front-6.gif daemon-keyboard-1.gif daemon-keyboard-2.gif daemon-mirror-1.gif daemon-mirror-2.gif daemon-mirror-3.gif daemon-mirror-4.gif daemon-mirror-5.gif daemon-mirror-6.gif daemon-mouse-1.gif daemon-profile-1.gif daemon-profile-2.gif daemon-side-1.gif daemon-side-2.gif daemon-side-3.gif daemon-side-4.gif daemon-side-5.gif daemon-side-6.gif daemon-side-7.gif

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