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Doggies In The Window

Miniature Schnauzers

Created by:Sharon Lau-Wiffin
125-C Whitney Place
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 2X8
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How much are these Doggies In The Window....?

$40.00 each (Canadian Dollars!) plus postage if applicable

This collection of Gallery Glass™ creations by Sharon Lau-Wiffin is ready to ship in time for Christmas. As you can see from our catalogue, each piece is unique, so pick the ones you like and place your order by the “dog tag” number below the image.

The catalogue and order form are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. They require the Adobe Acrobat reader for viewing or printing. Adobe Acrobat reader is available for free from Adobe's website.

Gallery Glass™ Miniature Schnauzers

Your Gallery Glass™miniature schnauzer is created from a special water-based paint that gives the look of custom stained glass.


If you are not satisfied with your Gallery Glass™ schnauzer I will gladly return your purchase price upon returning the piece to me. I'm unable to return the cost of shipping.

Care of Gallery Glass™

With proper care your Gallery Glass™ schnauzer will last for years. Please remember this is not real stained cut glass and therefore it's NOT recommended for outdoor use; nor surfaces in environments that are not temperature-controlled such as storm doors, automobiles or motor homes; nor for surfaces that are in frequent contact with water or heavy condensation. The ideal temperature for Gallery Glass is between 45 and 90 degrees F.

To clean your Gallery Glass spray a very light mist of water on a soft cloth and wipe surface gently. Do not use an excessive amount of water or any solvent based cleaner or abrasive cleaning product, as they will destroy your artwork!

Copyrighted Designs

The original artist of the schnauzers has given her permission to use her designs for this project. No reproductions of the work without permission as the designs are copyrighted.


Each piece is unique and complete with it's own individual flaws and imperfections just like real dogs! It's all part of the nature of the materials.

Some of the artwork around the schnauzer is done with iridescent paint. Iridescent colours will appear to be one colour when they reflect light at night, and another then light is shining through the design. Also gold shimmer will have the same effect. Even different types of light will create different shadings.

Humidity & Freezing

High humidity and rainy days can make your artwork look cloudy. Once the humidity drops, the cloudiness will go away.

Gallery Glass™ will withstand colder temperatures unless moisture condenses on the project surface and freezes.

Custom Order Schnauzer Designs:

Custom work may take 4-6 weeks to complete


Black & Silver Standing Schnauzer shown in 11 x 14" black frame
Standing Schnauzer with ball shown in wooden 8" x 10" frame
Dark Salt & Pepper Standing Schnauzer shown in 8" x 10" burgundy coloured frame
Black Gaiting Schnauzer shown in 8" x 10" gold coloured frame
Salt & Pepper Playing Schnauzer with ball shown in 11" x 14" black frame
Salt & Pepper Gaiting Schnauzer shown in 8" x 10" marbled blue coloured frame